Zafarani is the daughter of Kail and Niara, the younger sister of Hasa. She is the supporting character of the lion guard: The battle for the pridelands.


Zafarani is a serval with large ears and a round belly. Her fur is primarily orange, longer and paler on either side of her face. White fur frames his eyes, bands her tail, stripes across her ears, and colors her underbelly and paws. Her eyes are large and light blue, and her nose is dark red-brown, with three whiskers sprouting from either side of it. Zafarani's inner ears are pink, with tufts of fur visible within them. Her pelt is spotted and striped with black markings, including three stripes atop her head.


Zafarani is adventurous and energetic, and has traveled all over the Back Lands. She's also sassy and stuborn and loves to joke around, often playfully teasing others. She's a huge tomboy and not afraid to fight and get her paws dirty. Zafarani tends to be very forward and flirtatious, particularly around kion.


Early Life 

Born during the reign of Simba, Zafarani is the second born Daughter of Kail and Niara and younger sister of Hasa.

the lion guard: The battle for the pridelands 

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