Wanyama Guard is a group of pokemon dedicated to saving the Metsade Region from danger.



The Wanyama Guard is a group tasked with the job of defending the Metsade Region from danger led by the pokemon born with the mark on their shoulder.


The Wanyama Guard(Series)

Coming soon

Pokémon of the metsade region

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  • The wanyama guard is inspired by the lion guard
  • Just like the lion guard they have the fiercest, the bravest, the fastest, the strongest and the keenest of sight but unlike the lion guard the wanyama guard have the wisest.
  • Also unlike the lion guard the leader doesn't have to be born from royalty.
  • The leader is born with the mark on his/her shoulder.
  • The leader does not have the roar of the elders
  • Wanyama means 'animals' in Swahili

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