Ukaidi is a male cheetah who makes his first appearance in the lion guard: Battle for the pride lands. He lives in the Pride Lands and the Outlands. He is one of the subordinates of Mfano.



Arrogant and cocky, Ukaidi is overly confident in his running skills. However, in a fight, he is a coward, as he is worried sick after losing to kion, and submits easily when confronted by Mfano. He even admits to cheating during the fight with Kion when confronted by the much larger Beshte. However, Ukaidi is better than his lion cohort, Mfano, as he firmly believes in honor, while Mfano merely laughs at the thought.


Ukaidi is a well built big cat, with yellow fur and dark brown spots all over his body. His long yellow tail is tipped with dark brown at the end. His paws, underbelly, muzzle and fur encircling his eyes are creamy yellow. His ears and the top of his nose are light brown, and the bottom of his nose is dark brown. His eyes are green.



Ukaidi is a cheetah who lived during the reign of Simba. He met Mfano when he was near death, and the lion saved him from starvation.

The lion guard: the battle for the pride lands