Scar's Army is a group of animals that live in the outlands.They are the main antagonist of The Lion guard battle for the pridelands.



The group formed when Scar was brought back and Janja's clan and Ushari joined forces. Over time,Shupavu and her group, Reirei's Pack, Mzingo's Parliament, Kenge,Kiburi and his float and many other villains became part of it. 


The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Fed up with being hurt anytime he is near the Lion Guard and after discovering Kion's secret of speaking with Mufasa, Ushari starts pondering how he can use that information for his own benefit. He runs into Janja's Clan, and in order to save himself from being eaten, Ushari starts trying to bargain with Janja, telling him of Kion's secret. The pair wonder if they can bring Scar back to life, and do some research. After luring Makini into speaking with her mentor about it, they discover a way to bring him back by using a Bakora Staff and a powerful Roar near the volcano and get to work on a plot.

The hyenas steal Makini's Bakora Staff and, knowing that Kion's Roar is most powerful when his loved ones are threatened, kidnap Kiara, dragging her back into the Outlands with them. Although the Lion Guard save her, Janja manages to taunt Kion into using the Roar in anger, which causes the volcano to erupt. Once they have left, Janja enters the volcano and finds out that Ushari is still unable to summon Scar. In a temper, Janja grabs the staff and throws it in. With a small eruption, Scar suddenly appears and, after being questioned, introduces himself.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Resurrected, Scar begins to plot his revenge on his nephew Simba and reclaim control over the Pride Lands, first forming an alliance with Ushari and Janja and his clan. Upon learning from Ushari's Skinks spies that the Lion Guard has accidentally awakened Makuu and his float from their hibernation during the dry season, Scar sees this as an opportunity to wreak havoc in the Pride Lands, and orders the Skinks to keep watch on the situation, and inform him of any changes. When informed that a rebellious member of Makuu's float, Kiburi, has challenged the latter to a Mashindano, Scar decides this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Simba, knowing that many Pride Landers, as well as the royal family will be in attendance. He orders Ushari to trick Kiburi into believing that if he ambushed Simba, he will rule the Pride Lands. However, while Ushari succeeds in tricking Kiburi, the plan ultimately fails, due to the Lion Guard's interference. This also causes Kiburi and his three crocodile followers to be banished from both the crocodile float and the Pride Lands.

On their way in the Outlands, Kiburi and his followers run into Ushari again, who takes them to the volcano, where Scar reveals himself to them. Scar explains his revenge plan to Janja, Ushari, Cheezi, Chungu, Kiburi and his followers, explaining his scheme to unify all the animals in the Outlands. With an army of henchmen at his side once more, Scar seeks to ignite a hostile takeover of the Pride Lands to reclaim the kingdom as his own domain, and break the Circle of Life for good.

Swept Away

Upon hearing from one of Ushari's Skinks spies that Beshte has ended up in the Outlands alone, Scar sees this as the perfect opportunity to eliminate the strongest of the Lion Guard and thus weaken it. After Cheezi and Chungu question it, Scar irritably explains that the heat of the Dry Season weakens hippopotamuses. He states that due to Beshte's trust in the skinks, it wouldn't be difficult to take advantage of this, and states that the skinks would lead Besthe to the Rocky Plateau, where Janja, Cheezi and Chungu could trap and crush him.

The plan nearly succeeds, but is ultimately thwarted when the rest of the Guard arrives just in time, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to send the hyenas flying away. After landing near the volcano, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu decide not to return to Scar immediately, knowing that he will be furious at them for their failure. As they begin to walk away, however, Ushari arrives and coldly informs them that Scar wishes to see them and isn't happy. Then, a small eruption can be seen at the top of the volcano, apparently confirming this.

Rescue in the Outlands

Scar sends Janja, Cheezi and Chungu in search of Reirei's Pack, wanting to get them on his side. During their search for the Jackals, Janja and his goons stumble on Jasiri, who marks the area as her turf (something which Janja forgot to do) and defeats and sends them back to the volcano when they try to get it back. Upon hearing about Jasiri, Scar, at first, sees her as a possible valuable ally, but Janja reveals that Jasiri is friends with the Lion Guard and also respects the Circle of Life, unlike the other Outlanders. With this information, Scar changes his mind and decides that she is a threat. He orders Janja to get rid of her immediately, and to do this with his entire clan, as he perfectly understands that Jasiri is too strong for only him, Cheezi and Chungu. As they leave, Scar coldly warns Janja to not disappoint him again.

The Bite of Kenge

Scar stops an argument between Janja, Cheezi, Chungu and Ushari (the latter having been trampled on by the others) and learns from the hyenas that they have discovered a supply of watermelons intended for the elephants through the Dry Season. Scar sees this as potential to break the Circle of Life by removing the watermelons from the Pride Lands as this will cause the elephants to become dehydrated as a result. He orders Janja and his goons to return and steal all of the watermelons. But Janja is hesitant as the Lion Guard had already prevented them from doing so earlier and will probably be waiting for them. Ushari then reveals having a friend who can help and will not disappoint them. Satisfied, Scar orders Ushari to find his friend Kenge and tell him to deal with the Lion Guard.

The Morning Report

Scar orders the hyenas to kidnap Zazu. When Janja questions him on what to do next, Scar orders him to interrogate Zazu. Although this annoys Janja, Scar explains that Zazu is "keeper of all the secrets of the Pride Lands", and that the informations Zazu could disperse would make it easy for them to take over the Pride Lands. He then warns Janja to hurry up as the Lion Guard must already be searching for Zazu.

Divide and Conquer

At some point, Scar finally managed to both find Reirei's pack and get them on his side. In the volcano, Scar is shown speaking with Reirei and Janja after they managed to separate the Lion Guard by attacking the Pride Lands in two different places at once. He reveals that their first mission was merely a test when Janja questions why they went to all that trouble and still returning to the outlands with nothing, and that their main objective would be in the next mission - eliminating Rafiki. When Janja and Reirei show confusion at this plan, referring Rafiki as "An old monkey", Scar continues to inform them that Rafiki can sense all the Lions of the Past, including himself, something he does not want the Pride Landers to discover yet. Janja and Reirei then start to squabble over who will take out Rafiki and who will cause a distraction, but Scar grows tired of their pettiness, and sends Janja's clan out to take down Rafiki, who he informs them that the Skinks have told him is meditating at Mapango Cliffs, while Reirei's pack will distract the Guard. 

He next appears in a dry season fire, angrily telling a retreating Janja to stay and fight. Janja complains that his clan is outnumbered, but Scar responds with 'not for long' as the Jackals soon arrive to help, so Janja does as Scar says. Kion, who was chasing after Janja, catches a glimpse of Scar before he vanishes, causing him to say, "What in the Pride Lands?". After the hyenas and the jackals are defeated, Kion goes to the area where Scar appeared, and sees that a scorch mark with a strange symbol remains. Rafiki recognizes it from the Paintings of the Past as a sign of terrible evil, and goes off to consult the Paintings of the Past for further information.

The Lion guard battle for the pridelands

Named Members

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (106)


Scar is leader of the army. As a fiery spirit, Scar has dark orange brown coloring with a yellow nose and markings on his ears and the edge of facial fur. He has pale yellow eyes. His scar is shown as pure white.He is ruthless, mean-spirited, power-hungry and psychopathic. He is also highly intelligent, capable of planning ingenious schemes, and has a very low tolerance for individuals who show a lack of intelligence and for failure.

The-rise-of-scar (799)


Ushari is a red cobra with cream markings. Although he was initially a neutral member of the Pride Lands, he turned to villainy after being disrupted one too many times by the Lion Guard. He now works with Janja's Clan, and played a vital role in summoning Scar. Since Ushari also lives in the Pride Lands, he has allies there that are willing to work with him in order to tip the balance of the Pride Lands in their favor.

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Mzingo is a vulture that acts as a spy for Janja. He has dark blue feathers tipped with paler blue, and a large gold-colored beak tipped in red. His head and neck are bald. Mzingo is very sneaky and sly, with a rather dry demeanor. He tells Janja of the happenings of the Pride Lands that are opportunistic or mean bad news for the hyenas, as like them, he desires to eat as he pleases and not follow the Circle of Life.

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Janja is a spotted hyena with smoky gray spotted hyena with a grayish-beige underbelly. He has large ears that curve to a sharp point, with his left ear bearing a visible notch.His nose, paws, and the upper side of his tail are black.Janja is a cruel, greedy, arrogant and villainous hyena who has no interest in protecting the Circle of Life. He is shown to care only for himself, always ordering others around to do his work for him. Ever since Scar's return, Janja is shown to be respectful, but also highly fearful of Scar.

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Cheezi is a crazy hyena with notched ears and a large red nose. He has a spiky black mane and is prone to sticking his tongue out. has been shown to appear much crazier than he actually is. He is prone to heavy laughter and sticking his tongue out, though has a much tougher grip on his mission than his friend, Chungu.Also like his friend Chungu, he is very loyal to Janja, and hates being away from his side for any length of time.

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Chungu is a large, well-built hyena with a large jaw and small eyes. His mane is thick and black, and his ears notched. Chungu is fairly thick-skulled, and is submissive towards, Janja. He frequently compliments Janja whenever his leader makes a joke.He often whines around and complains about not getting enough food, and like the rest of Janja's clan, he does not respect the Circle of Life.


Mjusi is a long, sleek female Monitor lizard with shiny swamp green scales. Some dark, muddy grey stripes go along her back, and cover her forelegs and feet, inverting the swamp green colors. Towards the top of her body, the stripes are outlined with a pale yellow line. She is identifiable by the long red scar extending from her left eye down to the side of her body. Mjusi has been described as "vengeful and arrogant". Mjusi a master manipulator, able to use charm and sweet words in order to win over allies. Her politeness remains intact in conversation and in threats, and her temper rarely flares, even when she is angered or offended.When provoked, she is known to respond aggressively.

Janjas-new-crew (117)


Nne is a cunning hyena with dark grey facial markings and two small wisps of hair on his head. He is incredibly clever, and his intelligence exceeds janja. He has a short patience with those not on his own level, though he will keep them around until they are no longer useful to his schemes. He is over-confident, which proves to be his own downfall.

Janjas-new-crew (126)


Tano is a devious hyena with eyes that are usually squinting and three small wisps of hair on his head. He is one of the smarter hyenas, and his intelligence exceeds janja. He is somewhat sardonic. Like his friend Nne, he overestimates his own cleverness which is his true downfall.

The-bite-of-kenge (377)


Kenge is a monitor lizard with shiny swamp green scales. Some dark, muddy grey stripes go along his back, and cover his forelegs and feet, inverting the swamp green colors. Kenge has been described as having an "intimidating, ferocious nature". Much like Makuu before he reformed, he does not take orders from anyone, and will quickly assert himself as the leader. He is very self conscious about his size, and reacts with severe rage at being called little in any way or even to the sound of the word little. Although he will work with others to achieve a goal, he will not befriend his teammates and prefers to get down to business quickly.

Shinda and Shinui

Shinda and shinuni
Shinda is a stout hyena with spotted gray fur with a dull tan underbelly. Shinda seems to be the strong silent kind while Shinuni slightly slimmer gray hyena with gray fur, with a paler underbelly , with dark brown spots eye shades, and paws. Shinuni is very arrogant; despite losing constantly to Kion when he uses his Roar of the Elders, he frequently underestimates its true power. Just like his brother, Shinuni, Shinda is also very arrogant; despite losing constantly to Kion when he uses his Roar of the Elders, he frequently underestimates its true power. He is the brother of shinuni.

Hasira and Hofu

Hasira and Hofu
Hofu had a pale brown pelt with her underbelly, paws and muzzle being a lighter shade.  She had a dark brown tail tuft. Due to an incident with a hyena when she was young, she became blind in her right eye while her sister Hasira has orange fur with cream colored underbelly,paws, and muzzle. Her eyes are moderate scarlet, brown nose and brown tail-tuft. Hasira and Hofu was very hateful and aggressive, especially with Zira, since at first she hated her, but when she realized that zira was friends with scar, they decided to join her, to defeat simba.


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Reirei is the mate of Goigoi. She has creamy brown fur and black markings. She is scheming and devious, and has a knack for faking pleasantry, which she uses to gain the trust of animals before taking advantage of them. Despite, her scheming ways Reirei is also grateful to those who help her. Reirei is also known to underestimate her opponents.


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Goigoi is the mate of Reirei. He has dark brown fur, a black back, and paler spots around his shoulders. Unlike Reirei, he is lazy and dim-witted, though he shares her greedy and devious nature. He is also very submissive towards his mate.According to his mate, whilst not very smart, he is sweet, offering to be the bait in order to help his children practice their hunting skills. Despite his lack of intellect, he prides himself in making Reirei proud.


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Dogo is the son of Reirei and Goigoi. He is a small jackal pup with tan fur, dark blue eyes and a few spots on his shoulder. He takes pride in pleasing his mother, Reirei, and is spirited and cunning. Due to his 'adorable' appearance, he is gifted at fooling others.Despite this, he does show concern when his mother is adamant that they'll be eating, questioning her confidence. He is a very obedient and loyal son, who stands up for his mother even when she is wrong.

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Kijana is the daughter of Reirei and Goigoi. She is a small jackal pup with a large tuft of fur that goes over her head. She is sneaky like her mother, but, unlike her brother Dogo, she chooses to launch a direct attack rather than feign friendship. However, in spite of this, she is also very cautious and aware of her surroundings, frequently questioning her mother on the presence of any Lion Guard members that could interfere with her own attacks.

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Kaka and Kasi

Kaka and kasi are the sons of Reirei and Goigoi. All of them resemble their father more than their mother. Kaka has a tuft of fur poking out from either side of his chin, two dark spots on his head, a notch in his left ear and whiskers at the top of both ears while Kasi has a single whisker on each ear, and two beige markings just above his shoulders. Both are much more laid back, but still possess a very similar personality to their younger siblings.

Divide-and-conquer (88)


Jike is the daughter of reirei and goigoi. She resemble her mother more then her father. Jike a fairly slender jackal, with tan fur and black markings across her back and legs as well as on the top of her head. Jike is described as innocent and playful. She often displays aggressive and vicious characteristics, taking enjoyment in taunting and fighting, but still possess a very similar personality to her younger siblings.

The-little-guy (252)


Njano is a member of the group. He is Shupavu's sidekick. His blue tongue hangs out in a similar way as Cheezi. However, he appears to be somewhat smarter than the hyena. He has revealed himself as a devious character, capable of reporting news to Scar and Ushari promptly and succinctly.

The-rise-of-scar (618)


Shupavu is a slender yet well-built skink. She is primarily red, with some light red markings on her back and at the tip of her limbs. Her underbelly is mahogany, and her claws are the same shade of red as her body. Above her eyes is a line of mahogany and just underneath is yellow, with a bit of mahogany lining it. Her eyes are pure black. She has a blue tongue. Sneaky and skeptical, Shupavu can be somewhat demanding yet also amicable. For reasons unknown at this time, she despises being close to Pride Rock.

The-rise-of-scar (628)


Nyeusi is the stealthiest skink. Nyeusi is a slender yet well built coal black skink with dark smoke markings on top. His underbelly is a dark crimson which transitions to a regular crimson at the bottom, topped off with four black claws. His eyes are light green with black pupils.He was easily able to follow Rafiki and Makini without being detected. Nyeusi does not appear to speak, but his hisses can be understood by Shupavu.