Saka's gang is a group of bullies.



Saka's gang are a group of animals named: Saka, Aisha, Akida, Asani, Kali, and Ikenna. They act no differently than school playground bullies, picking on anyone either weaker or different than them.

Group information

  • Leader: Saka
  • Members:Saka, Ikenna, akida, asani, Aisha
  • Goal(s): To get rid of Simba and kion and rule over the pride lands, to bully the Lion guard


  • Saka: A lion who is the leader of the gang.
  • Akida: A leopard who can swim well. but hates Laughter(and Fuli)
  • Asani: A Hyena who mostly calls the lion guard "Runts".
  • Hatari: A honey badger who is a little mean to the lion guard and makes fun of them.
  • Aisha: A standard bat eared fox who is the only female in the group.
  • Kali: A cape dog who is mean and arrogant.
  • Ikenna: A cape buffalo who is known to have a murderous, cruel, and vicious attitude

Others unnamed

Appearances in fanfiction

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