Rairai is the daughter of Ajali and Nita, and the sister of Kiongozi.

Physical Appearance


Rairai has the normal appearance of a rockruff


As an adult, rairai has the normal appearance of a Lycanroc(Midday form).

Her Mark of the Wanyama Guard is imprinted in a darker shade of brown on her shoulder.



Rairai is very adventurous and spirited. She's constantly wandering off. She's a happy playful girl, but can sometimes be a bit rough. She's a tomboy and is often trying to show she's just as good as any other male. She can be a bit reckless, and this worries her Father and mother.


As an adult, Rairai is headstrong and determined, much like her mother, Nita. She is dignified and proud, with a tendency to be bossy and occasionally stuck-up. However, she is a brave and leaderly lycanroc, strong in spirit and never giving up. Rairai gains a more protective side- her motherly instinct kicking in after she has her kids, as well as some worrying attendances.


The relationships of Rairai from The Wanyama Guard .



Ajail and Rairai have a fairly close and affectionate father- daughter relationship.


Rairai's and Nita's mother-daughter relationship is observed to be affectionate and supportive.


Rairai has a strained sibling relationship with Kiongozi. They do hold affection for each other, but are prone to sibling rivalry occasionally.


Like with Kiongozi, Rairai have a strained sibling relationship with Umoja. Even though they are not related to each other, Rairai sees him as an older brother



Rairai and Chahina are mates. They have an affectionate relationship, but Chagina can sometimes be a bit over protective when interacting with Rairai.


Early Life

Rairai was hatched and grew up in Kuni Valley as the second hatched and only daughter of Queen Nita and king Ajali. She is the younger sister of Kiongozi.



  • While she have the same name as Reirei the jackal from the lion guard, she's not related to the jackal in any way. 

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