Matamanio is an adult male serval who lives in the Pride Lands.He is the mate of Malai, and the father of Zafarani and  the adopted father of Hasa.



Though little of Matamanio's personality is revealed, it is implied that he is reckless, as he attempts to jump a distance that is too far for him to manage. He does not hesitate to admit when he's afraid and has difficulty controlling himself when he is. However, he is very polite and friendly, though he dislikes his slumber being disturbed.


Matamanio large ears and a round belly. His fur is primarily orange, longer and paler on either side of his face. White fur frames his eyes, bands his tail, stripes across his ears, and colors his underbelly and paws. His eyes are large and olive green, and his nose is dark red-brown, with three whiskers sprouting from either side of it. Matamanio's inner ears are pink, with tufts of fur visible within them. His pelt is spotted and striped with black markings, including three stripes atop his head.


The Search for Utamu

Matamanio tried to jump Big Ravine, and is now desperately clinging to one of its edges, terrified. Fuli rushes to save him, and he immediately apologizes and admits that he's afraid when she snaps at him for kicking her. She manages to push him up from below, sending him flying into the air and crashing back to the ground. He delightedly leaps to his paws and thanks her.

The Call of the Drongo

As Tamaa sings "Bird of a Thousand Voices," he squawks loudly behind a sleeping Matamanio, who raises his head and glares at the bird in annoyance.