"Chaka,Kipenzi and Klossie have it hard. They don't know their father. But then again, I'm like them. I don't know mine. But hey, it's life. I know I'll never meet him, at least I have Mom and Aunt Cheza, Aunt Athena,  Aunt Fahari and Aunt Nurisha."

Mahuluti is a female leopon and the daughter of kuuma. She is best friends with Chaka,Kipenzi, Klossie, Haki and Amri.



As a cub, Mahuluti is small and soft-featured, she is lithe and sleek like her mother.  Mahuluti is a young female leopon with a light, caramel-brown pelt, with a lighter brown underbelly and her rosettes are brown outlined with dark brown.She possesses a dark red nose and her inner ears are brown rimmed with black and a single rosette on the back of each. Half of her tail is banded in brown and dark brown.She has reddish-brown eyes.



Mahuluti is described as kind and loyal. She is very grateful to simba's Pride for taking her and her mother's pride after there old pride was taking over by rogue male. She cares very much for her mother and but does get annoyed when she is too overprotective. She is very romantic, and she always wants to be with Kion, despite being a cub. She also shows her sensitive side, since she is always with Kion so that no other danger will happens to her again. She is very friendly and loves to be friends with anyone around her.

Mahuluti is also very mature for her age. Between her, Chaka,Kipenzi, Klossie, Haki and Amri, she seems to be the most reasonable of the six. When she's with Azizi, she acts as an older sister, and is protective of him.



Mahuluti was born to Kuuma four months after her pride was attacked by a male lion and after adopting Cheza , Athena, Fahari and Nurisha as her sisters. Shortly after her birth, Tipilire, Cheza , Athena, Fahari, Nurisha and some other lioness went in search for a place to call their own.


  • She has a crush on Kion.
  • Mahuluti was originally named Djamila, meaning "beautiful" 
  • Mahuluti was originally going to be a hyena but it was later scrapped.
  • She is a bit taller then Kion.