Mahiri is a lioness and a member of the Chifu's Pride.



Mahiri is a calm lioness who tends to keep the peace in the pride. She is just and reasonable, and for this reason she is often enlisted to settle disputes. She enjoys playing with cubs and telling them stories that were taught to her by her own mother. She does not enjoy hunting at all, but feels that it is her duty to bring home food for those she cares about. She does not fully understand that controversy is sometimes needed to reach decisions, but she is trusted by the pride. Mahiri believes in pride helping, understanding, and supporting each other through thick and thin. She is loyal to her friends and will always come to their aid if they need her to. Mahiri is rather observant and quick to spot prey during hunts.

Physical Appearance

Mahiri is a thick, powerful lioness with a broad chest and long, sturdy legs. She rivals many of the pride's males in size, and is considerably larger than any of the other lionesses. Her thick fur is brown and pale brown muzzle and underbelly, turquoise eyes, and a very dark pink nose.Her ear tips are a light chocolate brown with black rims, and scruffy pink inner ears. she tail tuft is dark brown. Mahiri's paw pads are a

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dull pinkish-brown, and her claws are a silvery-white.

She is sometime seen wearing a grey spotted hyena pelt with a notch in its right ear and its ears are pointed like Janja's. The fur of its cheeks is long and curves upward. It has a long, thick black mane, black lower forelegs, black paws, a large black nose.

It is revealed in her ref sheet picture that Mahiri has a diamond like marking on the back of her head