Kuuma's Pride  is a pride of rogue lions that form together to survive.There are eleven known members of the pride that are confirmed to be living, including their leader, kuuma.


Prior to the lion guard: The battle of the pridelands

The Pride was formed sometime after a male lion attacked there old pride so kuuma and some of the lioness decided to leave the pride. Prior to forming, she met four teenage lioness named Cheza , Athena, Fahari, Nurisha who were trying to find a place to call home.

the lion guard: The battle of the pridelands

Named Members



Main article: Kuuma

Kuuma is the leader of the pride. She is a fully grown lioness with golden brown fur and a light brown underbelly. Her eyes are green. She is the mother of Mahuluti. She very nervous of the safety of her cub.


Main article: Mahuluti


Mahuluti is a leopon cub. She has a light, caramel-brown pelt, with a lighter brown underbelly and her rosettes are brown outlined with dark brown. She has reddish-brown eyes. She is very close to her mother.



Main article: Fahari

Fahari is a teenage lioness and a member of the Kuuma Pride. Faizah sweet-mannered lioness who likes to avoid conflict, she is very patient which makes her a good sitter and huntress.She backs away from fights, though seemingly does so due to her unwillingness to cause or be involved in trouble.



Main article: Azizi

Azizi is a male lion cub and the son of Sharifa. Azizi got his looks from his mother. He has her warm orange pelt, light gold underbelly and red head and tail tuft.He also has her light blue eyes. He is actually very shy and terrified of male lions due to the rouge lion attacking his family's old home. He is shown to be very frolicsome, sportive, and playful when interacting with his Cousin.

Unnamed Members

The following are known members of Kuuma's Pride who have not received an official name.


The pictures in this article is made from a base,

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