Kuuma is a lioness and is the mother of Mahuluti and the adoptive sister of Cheza, Athena, Fahari, Nurisha. the leader of a pride of Rouge lions.


Kuuma is long-bodied and lithe with strong limbs and a groomed pelt. Her fur is tawny, while her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all paler in color. Her nose is pink, with both her upper and lower eye shades being light in color. Her eyes are olive green.


Kuuma seen as calm and patient, especially with cubs. Though, she does have a temper, it takes a while for it to get going, and is a caring and protective mother. Kuuma often worries when Mahuluti goes off to play with Chaka,Kipenzi and Klossie, the cubs of Ema, who often end up getting into trouble. But, Kuuma knows that Mahuluti is mature enough to try to steer them away from trouble...even if it doesn't work all the time.



Kuuma was born in a pride far away from the pridelands to a single lioness who was part of the pride. When her pride was attacked by a male lion She a few other lioness decided to leave the pride.

The next four months of her life where hard, but soon she found a new family with adolescent sisters, Cheza , Athena, Fahari, Nurisha, who helped her find food. She and the sisters later became family. Later on she found a male leopard. They both became friends and, later, mates.

Eventually, Kuuma had her daughter, Djamila and the rest of the lioness made their way through the lands trying to find a place to call their own.

The Lion guard battle for the pridelanders

Kuuma first appears alongside her pride when she is brought back to Pride Rock by the lion guard  during one of there patrols.