Kuuma is a lioness and is the mother of  Djamila and the leader of a pride of Rouge lions.


Kuuma is long-bodied and lithe with strong limbs and a groomed pelt. Her fur is golden brown, while her muzzle, and underbelly are all paler in color. Her nose is pink, with both her upper and lower eye shades being light in color. . She has a dark dorsal stripe that starts behind her ears and stops between her eyes. Just like Nala's her paws are colorless. Her eyes are apple-green.


Kuuma is very nervous of the safety of her cub, Djamila to a point that she limits the distance between her and Djamila.



Kuuma was born in a pride far away from the pridelands to a single lioness who was part of the pride. When her pride was attacked by a male lion She a few other lioness decided to leave the pride.

The next four months of her life where hard, but soon she found a male leopard, Danyal. They both became friends and, later, mates. Eventually, Kuuma had her daughter, Djamila and the rest of the lioness made their way through the lands trying to find a place to call their own.

The Lion guard battle for the pridelanders

Kuuma first appears alongside her pride when she is brought back to Pride Rock by the lion guard  during one of there patrols.

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