These are the chapters for the first book, Kung Fu panda: Legend reborn  of the Kung Fu panda Fanon Chronicles series.

Chapter 1: Po meets Jiang

Po was walking through the bamboo forest eating a bowl of dumplings, he wiped his mouth with his forearm. Then, grabbed another dumpling with his thumb and pointer finger. Po took a bite of the soft squishy dumpling. He layed eyes on a wolf that was sleeping, po walked towards the wolf, leaning forward. Jiang sprang up staring at po.

Then she grabbed her battle axe and po started running with Jiang following closely behind.He started to throw dumplings at Jiang, but that wasn’t going to stop her from attacking. Then, po thought to himself. “Wait I’m the dragon warrior!” He threw the bowl upwards getting in a fighting stance.“Let’s dance.” Po said as he lunged at Jiang and they started to fight.

Po was avoiding the attacks that Jiang threw at him. Po was going  to use the Wuxi finger hold on Jiang, but tai lung came in and punched po in the face Po was avoiding the attacks that Jiang threw at him. Po was going to use the Wuxi finger hold on Jiang; but tai lung came in and punched po in the face, then they starred to fight. “Tai lung?! How you got out of the spirit realm?’’ Po gasped, trying to avoid Tai lung’s attacks. When the furious five came in, jumping in front of tai lung, protecting po.

Tai lung and Jiang both retreated into the bamboo trees but, they’ll be back. “What happened?” Tigress asked while walking up to po.” I was eating some dumplings when I came across jiang, then I got attacked. I threw some dumplings at her and tai lung punched me in the face!” Po explained to tigress and the rest of the furious five. “let’s go see Shifu.” Monkey said. They all left to the jade palace.

Chapter 2: The Report

Meanwhile, Jiang and Tai lung went back to etana's hideout. Where they found etana making a deal with Lord Shen and Boss wolf. “Well?” Etana asked, looking at Jiang and tai lung expecting good news that po is dead.. “we had no luck, po is still alive. We was ambushed by the furious five,we had to retreat.” Tai lung explained to etana, looking at her in the eyes.

More Coming Soon

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