Kiongozi is the former King of the Metsade region,Rairai's brother, Ajali and Nita only son.

Physical Appearance 

Kiongozi resembles a quadruped, light brown wolf. He has a white underbelly that extends up around his muzzle and eyes in a mask-like marking. He has pointed ears with dark brown tips and pink insides, big blue eyes, and a triangular, dark brown nose.They are dull and sore-looking, pinkish around the edges. He is skinny and gaunt-looking, with an unchanging weary expression. There are four sharp fangs in his mouth: two in the upper jaw and two in the lower. Large tufts of brown fur extend from the sides of his head; three tufts on each side. A bushy, white mane covers kiongozi's neck. Four dark brown rocks poke out of its mane, creating a shape similar to a stylized sun. The lower portions of kiongozi legs are white, and each foot has three dark brown claws. He also has a long, fluffy white tail.


Kiongozi is stubborn and a little snarky towards his sister, who is equally snarky back, through he truly does care for her. However, he is also polite and does not hesitate to express his gratitude.



Kiongozi was hatched and grew up in Kuni Valley as the first hatched son of Queen Nita and king Ajali and the older brother of Rairai.

Pokémon of the metsade region

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