Hasa is a female leopard, and the adoptive Daughter of Niara and Kali and the adoptive older sister of Zafarani. She is the supporting character of the lion guard: The battle for the pridelands.


Hasa is generally larger then average, with a long body and tall legs. Her fur is a lemon chiffon, and her rosettes are brown outlined with black. the spots on her face are smaller and solid colored. Her sclerae are dark yellow, with her irises being amber. Half of her long tail is banded in white, and her underbelly and paws are pale lemon in color. She has long whiskers, black claws, white teeth, and a black nose


Hasa is a very upbeat and optimistic leopard. She is cheerful and full of zeal, always willing to help out her Friends. She can be a bit overbearing at times, but means well. She is constantly ready to strike up a conversation, and has no trouble keeping one going. Hasa is also quite easy to charm, but it takes a lot for her to enter a serious relationship with a leopard. Towards her family, she is affectionate but will always correct them when she sees the need to. She is extremely grateful to Niara  for adopting her and even though she was already raising a cub, Zafarani. Like any normal sibling, Jua does worry about Zafarani.


Early Life

the lion guard: The battle for the pridelands