Ganda is the son of Chifu and Wimbo, Moyo's brother, and the future King of the Back Lands.

He is a supporting character in the fanfiction the lion guard:battle for the pridelands.



Ganda has been described as a " is very serious Lion". Ganda expects others to behave and to have discipline. He is very strict, and doesn't like to play much. He will sometimes lack emotion. He can be very fierce and unapproachable at times. He is irritable, however, and doesn't like his brother's child like behavior, but he cares about his brother deeply.

Physical Appearance 

Akin to Scar in appearance, Ganda is thin and lanky with a scruffy goatee. His fur is colored brown with a warm, caramel-brown underbelly. His eyes are blue in color, and he has pink inner ears.

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