Fahari is a adolescent lioness and a member of Kuuma's pride. She is the older sister of cheza, Athena, and Nurisha. 



Fahari sweet-mannered lioness who likes to avoid conflict, she is very patient which makes her a good sitter and huntress. She is also very optimistic and gentle.She deeply loves every member of her family, and does her best to keep all of them safe.

Physical appearance 

Fahari is firm muscled adolescent lioness with a Brown colored coat with her muzzle, underbelly and paws being a Khaki and dark brown rimmed ears.The forming mane on her head and neck is dark brown. Her eyes are greenish-blue.  She also has a dark brown tail tuff.



Fahari was born into a pride that resided along the the Zuberi River. While she, Athena, and Nurisha was able to start their lessons for hunting right away, Cheza was unable to. Once Farari, Nurisha, Athena finished their lessons, the pride decided to banish Cheza.

Though, as Cheza began to leave, Farari, Nurisha, Athena decided to follow with her, as knowing that they had the full lessons of hunting, would be able to do more and would help there sister. The four sisters traveled together for about three moons before meeting a pregnant kuuma, with the three deciding to traveling together. Eventually they three grew close and treated each other like sisters.

The Lion guard battle for the pridelands

Farari first appears alongside the rest of kuuma' s pride when she is brought back to Pride Rock by the lion guard during one there patrols.