Chifu's Pride  is a pride of lions that live in the Back Lands. Like the Pridelanders, they have a Lion Guard and follow the Circle of Life. They are allies with Simba's Pride.



Not much is known about Chifu's Pride only that the pride resides within the back lands. They are led by Chifu and Wimbo.

The lion guard: the battle for the pride lands

Named Members



Main article: Chifu

Chifu is the king of the pride. He is a full grown lion with light tan belt with his underbelly, paws and muzzle being a lighter shade. He had a full light brown mane, a trait later seen in moyo and olive green eyes. He's very strict when it comes to discipline and won't stand for any laziness, and cares greatly for his family. He is the father of Ganda and Moyo, the mate of Wimbo.


Main article: Wimbo


Wimbo  is the queen of the pride. She is a melanistic lioness with ebony black fur and a dark nose. Her coat is short and smooth, slightly fluffier on her chest, underbelly, and between her toes. She has a lanky build, with sharply defined shoulders, narrow legs, and a long neck. She has reddish-brown eyes. Wimbo has many battle scars all over her body. She is outgoing. She isn't afraid to voice her thoughts, and is very protective over her two sons and the pride.  She is the mother of Ganda and Moyo, the mate of Chifu.


Savu base 6 by soufroma-d9ont1m

Main article: Ganda

Ganda is the prince of the pride who is destined to become king. He is a brown teenage male lion with a warm, caramel-brown underbelly. Akin to Scar in appearance, Ganda is thin and lanky with a scruffy goatee. His fur is colored brown with a warm, caramel-brown underbelly. His eyes are blue in color, and he has pink inner ears. Ganda is very calm, social and careful, since he usually worries a lot about his brother, Moyo. He is the son of Chifu and Wimbo and the brother of Moyo.



Main article: Moyo

Moyo is the prince of the pride, the fiercest member and leader of the pride's Lion Guard. He is a teenage male lion with a light brown colored coat, with a white-tanish colored underbelly, and colored toes. His eyes are bright brown. His mane is dark brown, and an brown Mark of the Guard imprinted on his shoulder. He has the heavy build of a Pridelander, but the angular nose of an Outlander. He is sedulous and careful, afraid to make a mistake and messing up. He does not like to be left behind, and is always eager to be doing something important, such as fighting off invaders. He is very determined and never surrenders unless he is forced to or ordered to. he is to son of Wimbo and Chifu and the brother of Ganda. 

Unnamed Members

The following are known members of Chifu's Pride who have not received an official name. 

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