Cheza is an adolescent lioness and a member of Kuuma's pride. She is the younger sister of Fahari and the older sister of Nurisha and Athena



Cheza has been described as a "Merry and full of spirit". Cheza is a frolicsome, exuberant animal for whom the excitement of life never ends. She is loud and flamboyant, full of vibrant energy. Her ludic, lighthearted nature is what she is most well known for. She likes to think that she brightens the lives of others just by being their friend, and is always willing to share a meal or a home. She can be thoughtless at times, and tends to follow the lead of others rather than taking charge herself. Loneliness does not suit her, and companionship plays an important factor in her life. 

Physical appearance

Cheza is tall and heavily built, noticeably larger than her sisters. She sports strong shoulders and a rectangular body, built for the hunt. Her face is long and round, but broader than those of the other lionesses, though her other facial features are delicate and soft. Cheza sports a distinctive brown pelt broken only by patches of lighter fur on her muzzle, paws, and underbelly. Her nose is also dark, and her ears are rimmed with brown. She sports green eyes. Since Cheza has Vitiligo most of her fur is covered in white patches from some of her head, neck,Body, legs, and tail. She always has a pair of lmpala Lily flowers tucked behind her ear.