Chekesha is a female wolf and a member of Dogo's pack.


One of the tallest wolf in dogo's pack, chekesha fur is fairly long and smooth,brown fur.She has vitiligo on her leg,back, back leg and snout with two white socks and numerous black stripes on her front paws. She has blue eyes,and a black fringe.Her fringe is long and thick,that runs along her head and upper neck.


Chekesha is a nice wolf,always helping out especially her sister when she feels she is doing too much.She quite opposes fighting, and will avoid battles if she can.Though quite agreeable and respectful, she will express her thoughts to those who are willing to listen, even if whatever is running through her mind is controversial. However, she will agree with almost anyone and anything, unless it directly opposes one of the three things she is certain of: that others deserve forgiveness, that fighting is mostly futile, and that she belongs in her pack. 


Early life

Chekesha was born and raised in the Dogo's Pack.

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