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Chewa's flock


Chewa's Flock is a group of vultures that are featured in Vulture Shock.


Vulture Shock

In the beginning of the story, Chewa and Choyo run into Kopa, the prince of the Pride Lands. But as the flock gathers round to share in the meal, Chewa recognizes Kopa for his true title. He refuses to let the other vultures harm the cub, and orders his minions to put Kopa in a high spiky nest, from which he cannot escape. With Chewa at the head, the flock makes a plan to ransom Kopa in exchange for food. The Buzzard Boyz, however, take pity on the cub and secretly lead Simba and Nala to his nest, where they free him and sentence the flock to a hearing of a solo performed by the Buzzard Boyz every week.

Notable Members


Chewa is the leader of the flock.


Choyo is Chewa's friend and his second-in-command, presumably.

The Buzzard boyz

The Buzzard Boyz are a group of rapping vultures.

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Ono's Flock

Returnoftheroar-0 (82)

Ono's Flock is a flock of egrets that live in the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Ono's flock are resting peacefully, until Kion and Bunga approach them during their game of Baobab Ball. Noticing their arrival, Ono calls out to his flock, telling them to scatter. As the pair rush into them, Ono's flock members do as he asks, scattering in all directions to escape getting hit by them as Kion and Bunga continue playing their game through the flock.

Fuli's New Family

Ono mentions that he must return to his flock for dinner, otherwise they will worry about him. Believing himself to be a bad friend by letting her eat alone, Ono later invites Fuli to hunt with him and his flock. Fuli is excited at first, until she learns that the flock are only interested in eating the flies from around the elephants' feet. The flock hop around her, not stopping when she gets hit by what she perceives to be mud from the elephants. After sniffing, Ono reveals that is not actually mud on her shoulder.

Never Roar Again

After Kion unintentionally causes Ono to lose his feathers, Ono frets about the reaction of his flock, and is comforted by Beshte, Bunga, and Fuli.

Later, after aiding the giraffes, the Guard comes across a trapped klipspringer in the middle of a river, and Kion tells Beshte to knock down a withered tree, and once Beshte's done so, Kion walls across it to get the klipspringer. Failing to hear his warnings of the trees instability to support their combined weight, the rest of the Guard follows him, causing the branch to snap.

After the Guard comes out of the river, and Kion remarks on the status of the klipspringer, Ono alights on a tree branch, and is noticed by a member of his flock, who questions him on the state of his feathers, causing Ono to realize that he is completely featherless.

After the Guard has managed to defeat Makuu, and save Queen Nala, Ono's Flock tells him that they have also removed their feathers, causing Beshte to warmly remark that Ono has stated a trend.

"Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas"

Along with several Pride Landers, Ono's Flock takes part in a Christmas celebration for Timon and Pumbaa.

Named Members


Ono is a member of the flock and is the keenest of sight in the Lion Guard. He is an intellectual egret, who is not afraid to call out those who make a mistake or act silly. He is very loyal to the Guard, and his skill is almost always needed by them. Ono can be moved to irritation when others cannot grasp basic facts, or when others try to undermine him when he's being serious.

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Mbuni's Flock

The-trail-to-udugu (208)

Mbuni's Flock is a group of ostriches that live in the Pride Lands.


The Trail to Udugu

Mbuni's flock is first seen during the mudslide. With a large pile of mud sliding towards them increasing velocity, they panic and run around in circles while Simba and the Lion Guard save their eggs from falling off a steep cliff. Although it was a struggle, they manage to save all of the eggs from falling. With the eggs safe, Mbuni and her flock finally calm down. She approaches Simba and thanks him for his deed, telling him she feels honored to have the king of the Pride Lands save her eggs. She and her flock then bow to the King.

Later, Swala and her herd stampede across the Pride Lands. Once again, Mbuni and her flock scream and run around in circles. Fuli runs ahead to calm them down while Ono calms Swala's herd. Ono advises Fuli to be 'soft and soothing' while speaking to the ostriches, to help calm them down. When she gets there, she tries to speak soft and soothing as instructed. When it doesn't work out, she screams at them and they calm down right away.

The Savannah Summit

Mbuni's flock can be seen briefly when Ono flies up to see if Mtoto's belief that Ma Tembo is on her way to Pride Rock is correct.

Named Members 


Mbuni is the leader of the flock.She is an ostrich with black and white feathers, a long, pale pinkish white neck, and dull grayish pink legs. She has large, round blue (and sometimes brown) eyes. She is quick to take advice despite how poor it may seem, and has confessed to being afraid of hyenas.

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Mzingo's Parliament

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (164)

Mzingo's Parliament is a flock of vultures that live in the Pride Lands and the Outlands. They are allies with Janja's Clan, but are shown to be more sophisticated than the hyenas, choosing to vote on and study situations before taking action. They work in a Parliament, and often form subcommittees to focus on situations before taking action.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Mzingo's Parliament is seen briefly during Tonight We Strike twice. On both occasions, he is perched on a branch near Mzingo.

The Lion Guard

"Eye of the Beholder"

As Ono is flying over the Pride Lands, desperate to prove that his injured eye is not problematic, he bumps into Mwoga, who observes the chaos of the Lion Guard down below and decides to report back to Mzingo.

In the Outlands, the vultures are in the middle of parliament when they are interrupted by Mwoga, who apologizes for being late. After a reluctant approval from the other parliament members, Mwoga joins them and reports what he's seen of Ono's hurt vision. As the vultures scheme as to what they should do about this, Janja decides to take matters into his own paws, and sings "Outta the Way" with Cheezi and Chungu, hatching a plan to trick the Lion Guard while Ono is out of commission.

"The Search for Utamu"

When Fuli overexerts herself on a mission, she becomes so exhausted that she collapses beneath the tree of Mzingo's parliament. After the parliament sings "All Hail the Vultures", they spot Fuli resting beneath their tree and resolve to make her into their next meal.

Fuli is set upon on all sides by Mzingo and his parliament, but just in time, the Lion Guard fights them off, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow the parliament away. Once the vultures are gone, Fuli thanks her friends for saving her and promises to wait for them on the next mission.


While the Lion Guard is on patrol, they spot Mzingo and his parliament circling in the distance. When they draw nearer, they see that the vultures are hunting a baby baboon. The team jumps into action, rescuing the baboon and scaring off the parliament.

After the rescue, Fuli is tasked with delivering the baby baboon to his troop. Along the way, she spots Mzingo and his parliament, and hides in a field of tall grass with the baby baboon. Mzingo and his vultures catch a glimpse of the baby baboon and hear his shriek, which prompts them to search the field of grass for their quarry. Thinking quickly, Fuli instructs the baby baboon to cling to her underbelly while she pretends that she is out hunting. Mzingo questions her as to what she is hunting, and when she comments that Mzingo is looking rather plump, he takes off in a hurry.

However, he returns shortly after Fuli delivers the baby baboon to Mapango Cliffs. Along with his cronies, Mzingo attacks the troop, ordering his minions to get the baby baboon while he dispatches of Fuli. Mzingo and Fuli engage in a struggle on the cliffs, but in the midst of the fight, the baby baboon strikes Mzingo with a fruit, giving Fuli the opportunity to jump down the cliffs and pin Mzingo to the ground. She orders him to call off his parliament, after which he and his vultures fly away in a panic.

Named Members 


Mzingo is the leader of the flock, and an ally to Janja and his clan. He sometimes acts as a spy for Janja and is very devious in nature, yet he retains sophistication at all times. 


Mwoga is a member of the flock.He appears to be somewhat unpopular among the other members, perhaps due to his foolish ways. Despite this, he is shown to be both sly and fierce, making him a valuable member of the flock. 

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