Badili's Leap is a small group of leopards that live within the Back Lands. There are at least six known members of the leap, including their leader, Badili. 



Not much is known about Badili's Leap only that the leap resides within Mirihi Forest and that They are led by Badili. 

The Lion Guard: the battle for the pride lands

 Badili's leap makes their debut in The Lion Guard: the battle for the pride lands when They are allied with the lion guard and simba's pride during scar's attack on the pridelands.

Named Members

The-trouble-with-galagos (348)


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Badili is the leader of the group and the lover of Aisha. He has pale cream-colored fur dappled with brown rosettes outlined in black. He is initially very timid, preferring to flee rather than stand up for himself. However, after receiving assistance from the Lion Guard, Badili becomes more confident, learning to believe in himself and his abilities.



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Aisha is the older sister of kuwinda and younger sister of Makucha and the lover of Badili. She has lemon chiffon fur dappled with brown rosettes outlined in black. She is outgoing female leopard. She isn't afraid to voice her thoughts, and is very protective over her younger brother, Kuwinda. 


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Kuwnda is the younger brother of Aisha and Makucha. He has pure white fur. He is a fun-loving animal, though he can be shy at times. His achromia has caused him to be regarded with a certain level of unease by other animals, which bothers him.



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Imani is a member of the leap.She is a lithe leopardess with a willowy frame and fluffy fur.She is exceptionally intelligent, but usually prefers not to share her knowledge unless she is called upon to do so. In battle, she is fierce and quick-thinking.Imani speaks in a low voice with a strong Australian accent.


Chui 2

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Chui is a member of the leap.He has a sturdily built and firmly muscled leopard. Chui is a serious, even-tempered leopard who is very loyal to his Leap. He rarely gives his opinion on a matter, remaining silent and concealing his thoughts, unless he is asked directly.


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Damisi is a member of the leap. He is a hard-muscled leopard. Spirited and cheerful, Damisi enjoys making friends. He is clever and can be a bit snarky at times, but means well. Though slightly nervous in the presence of other animals, he is almost always relaxed.