The Back Lands are an African territory on the border of the Pride Lands.

Physical Attributes

The Back Lands are very similar to the Pride Lands overall. There is much vegetation everywhere, with many large trees overlooking the land. Bushes are also present, though not quite as abundant as the trees. Whilst not shown, a watering hole also exists[1]. There are many dirt paths scattered around the land, particularly near some of the trees. In addition to all of this, some areas contain many rocks of varying shapes and sizes.


The Trouble With Galagos

Mapigano bullies another leopard named Badili out of his tree, and Badili is forced to flee. He winds up in the Pride Lands, but when the Lion Guard find him, he is forced to return home with them escorting him.

Nervously, Badili makes multiple excuses on the way back to his former home in the depths of Mirihi Forest, which causes Kion to become suspicious. When Badili leaves them, Kion and the Guard stay behind, spying on him from a nearby bush. They watch as Mapigano reveals himself, frightening Badili and mocking him with the intent of kicking him out once and for all. The Lion Guard intervene at this point, and drive Mapigano out by using his own tactics on him. Badili thanks the Lion Guard and joyfully runs back to his tree.

However, Mapigano soon returns and pushes Badili out again, and Badili returns to the Pride Lands. This time, the Lion Guard decide to train Badili in strength, speed, bravery and fierceness, raising his confidence in the process. Badili returns to Mirihi Forest with newfound energy, and approaches Mapigano. Whilst Mapigano soon breaks his spirit, Badili manages to recompose himself and drive out Mapigano by intimidating him. The Lion Guard congratulate Badili, who thanks them again for their assistance. The Guard then leave the leopard to his home territory, with Badili asking the Lion Guard to apologize to the galagos he caused problems for back in the Pride Lands.

The lion guard: the battle for the pride lands

List of Species

  • Bat eared foxs
    • Aisha
  • Cape buffalos
    • Ikenna
  • Cape dogs
  • Honey badgers
    • Hatari
  • Harrier Hawks
    • Mpishi
    • Angalifu
  • Lions
  • Leopards
    • Badili
    • Akida
    • Hasa
    • Njeri
    • Mapigano
    • Makucha's Leap
    • Makucha
  • Servals
    • Zafarani
    • Niara
  • Okapis
    • Zaka
  • Zebras
    • Dhahabu's Herd
      • Dhahabu
      • Starehe
      • Raha



  • Mirihi Forest
  • Dhahabu Grove
  • Dhahabu's Watering Hole

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