Aisiah is an adult Female Cape Dog that resides in the Back Lands. She is the current leader of the Heshima Pack, including her mate Mshipa and her children.


AIsiah is tall and sleek-furred, with a angular muzzle. Her coat is dappled black and tan, with patches of white oozing across her legs and underbelly. Her fine, fluffy tail is also white, though banded with black. A stripe of black is slashed down her head between her large, rounded ears. More black fur covers her muzzle and encircles her eyes, the irises of which are Blue.


Aisiah is always ready to settle a dispute. A peacemaker at heart, she never fights unless not doing so will threaten the life of her, her mate, or her pack. Aisiah often worries about her son, Ufa when he goes off on a morning patrol with Moyo, Njeri, Matilaba and Angalifu. She allied her pack to the lions for protection, and is grateful for the safety the pride offers.