Adimu is Zuberi's former mate, and Mother of Neo. 


Adimu is a large, flying creature that bears similarities to a dinosaur. her featherless, scaly head is red with a green stripe running along the top. her mouth is filled with sharp teeth. her eyes are white with black pupils and no irises. her body is covered with frayed-looking, yellowish feathers with blue feathers designed for flight on her arms and legs enabling all four of its limbs to act as wings. All of these "wings" bear sharp claws. She has a ring of smaller green feathers on the ankles. her tail is completely red and featherless except for a fan of blue feathers at the end. 


For the most part, Adimu is very calm and rarely lets her aggressive nature take over. Due to her blindness, her other senses have been heightened, making her appear more clever than the average archeops. However, it is not difficult to outwit her.


Her name means "rare" in Swahili.

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